Sunday, June 30, 2013

Disney Trip - Days 6 - 8 (Plus All the Pics)

I just spent a little bit of time organizing all of the remaining pictures from the trip so I could post links for anyone interested. I'll stick the links in the next post. There are some videos mixed into the albums. I didn't get a chance to delete the blurry pictures and accidental videos yet, so don't get mad if you have to wade through a dozen or so short videos of someone's feet.

I'm starting to get trip report fatigue, and I'm guessing no one will be let down if I summarize the last couple of days into a single post. So, here is a pictorial "executive overview" of the last few days.

Day 6 - Animal Kingdom

As promised, there were animals there.
Talen thought the 'Expedition to Everest' yeti memorabilia was awesome, but freaked out when we had to get on the ride because he thought there was a real yeti.

Dinner was another buffet. The kids took all of these from the dessert bar. Every last one.
Talen had to make room for more.
Pretty girls

Cutest kids in the park.

Went to downtown Disney after Animal Kingdom closed. Met up with Todd and Suzette there.

 Days 6 and 7 - Magic Kingdom

Punk in Park Zoo's

Breakfast at Chef Mickey's

Making mom sick on the teacups is a Campbell family tradition. This is the before picture.

And after...
Raven didn't like the flying carpets

She wasn't happy about Dumbo either

Talen loved Big Thunder Mountain though.

Merida from Brave
Disney is hard work
Raven makes friends everywhere, even on the bus at midnight

Trip Home

We stopped at Jekyll Island in Georgia. Talen put a dead crab in Raven's hair. She was not happy.

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