Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Update Revamp

I've decided to revamp the method I'm using to update the site. Previously I had three separate update feeds pumping out to the front page of the site (Site Updates Research Announcements and Doctor Visits) but given the limitations I've had on updating the site, touching three separate pages to update info is becoming cumbersome to manage.

So I am consolidating updates on this blog and piping it out into the page via RSS feed. I will tag posts with relevant metadata to help sort updates into categories, but it will be a single pipeline from now on.

For the tech-unsavvy, you can subscribe to the blog's RSS feed to get updates directly via a feed reader. There are a number of freely available readers out there, and Microsoft Outlook can also ingest RSS feeds. If you would like step by step instructions, here is a simple tutorial on using Google Reader.

I will be tinkering around with pushing posts out to social media (Google+ and Facebook, I guess), so if you're linked up with me on either of those sites you can probably pick up posts there.

First Post

Testing RSS feed to main site.